Saturday, August 1, 2009

Top 10 Reasons You Know You Are In Jordan...

10- Young children try to sell you kleenex when you are waiting for the stop light to turn green.

9- Men hold hands publicly, they are not gay, it's normal.

8- The call for prayer (Athan) is echoed through the hills 5 times a day and verses from the Quran are read numberous times a day also. People turn off their TVs and radios during the Athan out of respect.

7- Store owners will leave the store unattended to pray and know that their mechandise will not be stolen while they are away.

6- It is common to drive near huge villas (mansions) and see a young shepperd on his donkey herding his sheep down the same street.

5- People who have nearly nothing will offer you everything they have when visiting them. Hospitality is one of the most important qualities in Arab culture.

4- When you go to a party (wedding, engagement, graduation, etc.) it is common to see everyone up dancing, singing and having the time of their lives throughout the day and into the night - not one of them have had even a sip of alcohol.

3- The streets are so crowded with cars and people it takes forever to get anywhere. To me it looks like mass confusion, but no one else seems confused.

2- The butcher shops display their meat in the store front window. Literally, a few lamb carcasses hang from their windows and you go point to which lamb you want and they will cut it up for you how you want it.

1- Not many people here pay attention to time. Everyone has at least one clock in their home, hanging on their wall, but the batteries have stopped long ago!

Many things in Jordan are different from the United States. I'm sure a Jordanian who came to the US for the first time would find fun things like this to write about too.....maybe I can get a list together from those that have travelled to the US! Sounds like fun, I will try to do that!!


  1. This is a great list. What a nice little trip to Jordan you just took me on. Thanks.

  2. who's yanal walking down the street holding hands with?

  3. I like the list. It helps paint a more clear and a nice picture of Jordan. Love, Sarah