Sunday, August 16, 2009

Keys to Our New Place!

Well, it's a done deal! We got the keys to our new apartment last night! We won't be moving in for probably a couple weeks, but we have the place!! As you can see by all my '!!!' I am very excited! Since I still cannot post pictures, I will tell you about it:

The Master Bedroom is good size with a full bathroom, a balcony and a terrace. The kids will each have their own rooms, Aisha's room will have a nice view of Amman and Omars will have a view of a cement wall (but what does he care?!).

As mentioned, the Master Bedroom has a full bathroom. There is also a full bathroom down the hall for the kids. Lastly, there is a small guest bathroom that has nothing more than the necessities. All the bathrooms have nice tiles floors and walls.

The kitchen is beautiful! It has solid dark-wood cabinets (which are not common in apartments in Jordan). The countertops are granite and there is a stainless steel sink. There is a place for a dishwasher (something else hard to find in Jordan). There is a balcony off the kitchen to sit and have coffee in the morning. Both the kitchen window and the balcony have a view of Amman.

Living Room
The living room is good size. It has three areas which will be the place for the TV and couch, the office and the kids playarea.

Area of Town
Seems like a very nice and quiet area. The apartment is settled next to many other apartments, yet there is privacy. There is a nice shopping area within a 10 minute walking distance a grocery store and a mall not to far away. The neighbors seem to be young families like ours, so hopfully we can meet some people too!

I am so happy to feel like things are starting to fall into place! We have been literally living out of suitcases for 3 months now. All of our belongings should be coming on the ship from the US sometime this week too! Tomorrow we are going to the apartment to clean and pick colors for painting and carpet! Again, we probably won't actually move in for a bit yet, but at least we are getting close to doing so!

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  1. Your place sounds very beautiful! I am excited to see pictures when that is possible! Congratuations! Love, Sarah