Saturday, August 6, 2011

Remembering Home

We had a wonderful trip home and have now been back 'home' for 1 week. Before we left, we collected all pictures to make one comprehensive memory of our trip. Each family member took time to write their favorite memories on card stock and placed them thoughout the photo album. It's a great memory of our trip. Here are the memories of our famil to share with my family back home...

Omar says "Momma, remember when..."

  • "Mr. Puffer Bill goes to Pumkin Ridge and then back again. His ears get so cold." (a bedtime story Grandma read to him every night about trains).

  • "The BIG MAN! He's HUGE!!" (Paul Bunyan Land)

  • "Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie Laura, Auntie Sarah, Uncle Jason, Baby Grace. I love them all!"

  • "Fireworks! Fireworks! Fireworks! They same BOOOOM, BOOOOM!"

  • "My green truck. I go so fast...hahaha!"

  • "Yeah, Sadie is with Grandma, Maggie is with Laura, Riley is with Sarah and Shiloh is with Jason" (the family dogs).

  • "Swimming, swimming, swimming. I go swimming again?!"

  • "Baby Grace, she is soooooo liiiiiitttttle! You have to be gentle."

  • "Grandpa's boat, Jason's red boat, and the green boat!"

Aisha says her favorties are...

  • "We were laughing soooooo really hard!" (When Mommy, Daddy and Omar went shopping and she stayed with Auntie Sarah, Baby Grace and Uncle Jason).

  • "Baby Grace is so cute!"

  • "Oooo La La Spa with Fancy Nancy" (Grandma Nancy's spa designed after Fancy Nancy books).

  • "Fishing....I caught a fish Momma!"

  • Riding on the boat, "Grandpa drives really fast! It's fun...hahaha!"

  • "Jimmy Johns" (her new found favorite food that we don't have in Jordan and keeps asking for).

  • "Going somewhere fun every day!"

  • "Grandma is soooo fun!"

  • "My Princess car. It's so pretty and I can drive it really good!"

For sure this is a short list and the kids continue to remember their times in Minnesota and tell me their "Remember when...."!

We had a wonderful time on vacation. Visiting family and friends is always great, but when you live so far away...the time is precious! Thank you to my parents, sisters, brother-in-law, family and friends for everything while we were home! Watching the kids play and grow with each of you was so much fun for Yanal and I as parents! We love you all!!