Monday, March 28, 2011



My two sisters and I have a total of 4 years between my opinion, this is perfect! I always knew I wanted my kids to be close to each other in age. This way they can play together at an early age, go through school together, share friends, share interests, and go through lifes changes and challenges together. Inshallah (God Willing) they will attend high school graduation within a couple years of each other, followed by college, college graduation, weddings, marriage, pregnancy, and raising their own babies!

I became pregnant with Omar the same month Aisha turned 1 years old; therefore, Aisha was 21 months old when Omar was born. I will admit to anyone that the first year was not easy. Having two, essentially, babies is a challenge. Two in diapers, two waking up in the middle of the night, two needing bottles/frequent feedings, spoon feeding two hungry little mouths, bathing two slippery bodies at the same time, ensuring independant quality time with one while the other is sleeping...juggling two babies was challenging.

Then...babies grow. The grow into toddlers who are able to feed themselves, tell me their needs, walk independantly, help me around the house. They become friends who run and play with each other. Who talk to each other. Who fight with each other ("I want Barney!" "But, I want Dora!"). Who make deals with each other ("I'm first and your next. Okay?" "Okay.") Who love each other ("I love you, Boo-Boo" "No.....I love YOOOOOOOU!")

No doubt, we decided to have our kids close in age, so that at this age they can have a play-mate, a friend, a sibling to go through life with!

Here are some recent pictures we wanted to share with everyone of our wonderful kids playing together! Alhumdillah (Thank God) for such wonderful, healthy children!