Wednesday, August 19, 2009

There Once Was a Little Girl....

"There once was a little girl, who had a little curl right in the middle of her forhead. When this little girl was good, she was very, very good. But when she was bad, she was horrid!"

My Grandmother and Mother use to tell me this riddle when I was young.....I am now telling it to my beloved little 2 year old, Aisha. Wow! Who knew terrible two's were like this! I am at my wits end with her some days....who am I kidding, most days!

From the moment we woke up today she was hitting, kicking and sitting on her 6 month old brother! The jealousy she has for him is unbelievable. If Mommy is holding him, she wants to be held. When Mommy is feeding him, she wants to be fed. When Mommy is tickling him, playing with him, loving him; you got it, she wants the same. "Put BooBoo (Arabic for baby) here!" she demands as she points to the crib, bed, floor, anywhere other than near Mommy.

Powerstruggles....When I tell her "NO!", it becomes a game. The look in her eyes could kill me somedays. It's like she is telling me without saying a word, "I know you don't like this and what are you gonna do about it?!" And then she adds, without saying, "And whatever it is that you do about it, I don't care!" Again with her baby brother, she sits on him --> I tell her NO! --> she sits on him again --> I tell her NO! --> she then she looks right at me and WALKS on him! Seriously, if I'm not already crazy, I will be soon!

The other kicker...she listens to her Daddy! Great, I'm glad for him, really I am....but WHY WON'T SHE LISTEN TO ME!

So what am I doing about it. Obviously nothing that is working...yet....LOL. I have tried calmly explaining why she can't or shouldn't do certain things. I have nervously screamed at her when I fear she is going to hurt her brother. I have taken away her most prized possession...her bear...this one seems to work the best so far. I have also given time-outs a try and I'm not sure about them yet. I give her undivided attention when he takes naps, but honestly this only makes it worse. When he wakes up she is even more demanding!

If there is anyone ANYONE out there that has some advice for this tired Mommy, please help!

.......I know.....I know.....the tone to my post tonight is not the greatest, so I must add the flip side. This evening she was hugging, holding and kissing her baby brother. I know she loves him dearly, really she does. I also know she's only two years old and can't fully express herself and her impulsive behaviors yet. She was also the sweetest little girl tonight as we were getting ready for bed. As I put Omar to bed, I heard her giggling as she and Daddy watched Tom and Jerry. The sweetest giggle that put a grin across my face and tears in my eyes. I love my little girl! She really is the greatest, sweetest, cutest little lady you will ever meet! And when she said, "I LOVE YOU" for the first time tonight to both Mommy and Daddy...I remember that the hardest things in life are also the most cherished!

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