Monday, August 10, 2009

Family Update

Hello out there! Just a family update tonight.

She finished her round of antibiotics and is well again, Alhumdillah. She is in the best of moods the last few days now that she is feeling better and eating again!

She has learned how to con nearly everyone in the house (except for her Momma) into getting her icecream. She will ask and ask and ask and ask, as a 2 year old does, until someone caves in. I'm pretty sure she had 2 watermelon icecream thingies today and 2 yesterday and I know she had some the previous days as well....when will she get sick of them or sick from them?!

She has also learned about Ramon Noodles and decided that they are the best thing next to Mac-n-Cheese, rice and fruit (her other favorite things to eat). Mommy and Daddy are glad to find something else to fill her picky little tummy!

We are starting the potty training thing again..she has sat on the toliet a few times without any results. At first she was happy to sit on the toilet like the 'big kids' but now she has decided that she wanted nothing to do with it again. One of her 2 year old cousins who just learned how to 'pee in the potty' is coming over tomorrow morning to 'teach' Aisha how to do it!

He is over his sickness too and now he is teething. He currently has 2 bottom teeth and I think he is getting more on the bottom. He's been irritable, drooling, pulling at his ears and chewing on everything, so pretty sure another tooth or two will coming sometime soon!

He continues to LOVE his walker! Remember the walkers they use to sell in the US....the ones where the kids could actually move around the house? Well anyways, he can get around everywhere in that thing and he thinks it's the greatest thing ever! He has even learned how to chase after a soccer ball! He bumps it with the bottom bumper and then chases after it and bumps it again! I have to get it on video and post it's very entertaining!

Yanal and I
We found an apartment that we really like. We need to talk to the owner about the details. We're not even sure what the exact price is yet....everything here is negotiable, including rent prices! We have been trying to get a hold of the guy for a few days but he has been out of town, so hopfully we will hear from him sometime this week. I hope it's a go, because it's really cute, good size and good location! But if it's a no, well then we'll just have to keep looking! I know the right one will come sometime or another.

That's about it for now! Have a good night...I'm heading to bed!

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