Wednesday, August 5, 2009

This and That

Hello. Not much going on the last few days. Tonight we are going to look at a few apartments...send us good vibes (as Patty at SFH would say)-HI Patty, I miss you!!!

Aisha is still stuggling with illness, but seems to be getting better. She was spiking temps for 24 hours and now they have leveled off. Most of the day you wouldn't know she was sick; she runs around playing and singing. However, she has some sores in her mouth and throat, which make it difficult for her to eat or drink and she sleeps alittle more than usual.

Omar had his 1/2 birthday yesterday! We didn't do anything, it's not necessary, but it's fun to think that he is 6 months aready!! Where does the time go??! I nicknamed him "Trouble" because this little man is into EVERYTHING! He is so much more busy, interactive and aggressive than Aisha ever was at this age. Maybe because he is a boy or maybe just personality? He is so much fun!

Yanal's work is going good so far. This is his 3rd week. They have started him on a few projects, which are keeping him busy. He went to a forum 2 hours south of Amman yesterday. His boss has mentioned a few times that he is interested in getting Yanal involved in many areas of JIB (Jordan Investment Board), i.e. his work, so that sounds great!

I spend my days at the house with my in-laws and the kids. Aisha and I are working on counting 1-10 in English and Arabic and this little 2 year old almost has them both down perfect! Amazing her Mommy all the time! Omar and I are working on keeping his stomach full. He has such an appetite, which means he is always eating!! He is eating all sorts of food now. He eats rice and oatmeal cereals, mashed rice, vegetables and fruit and he continues with Mommy's milk and formula...I just can't keep up with him! Otherwise, I look forward to Yanal getting home from work so we can all 4 hang out. We go out most nights to get something sweet, visit family, to look at apartments or get groceries.

What about you?! What are you all up too?! Write to me on my email, facebook or my blog and tell me what's new!

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