Saturday, August 15, 2009


Burkini?! When I first saw the word Burkini this week in the news, I thought what the heck kind of a word is this? Now I own my first! I don't know if Burkini is the proper name for it or just the one the media is using. Anyways, get to the point you say, what is a Burkini!? It is an Islamic swimsuit. For those of you who don't know....Muslim women dress modestly (well most of them do anyways), but just because they dress modestly doesn't mean they don't like to have a fun afternoon swimming. So came about the head to ankle or neck to ankle swimsuit, i.e. Burkini. I have been wanting to buy one, but in the US they are around $80.00-$120.00 and I wasn't interested in spending this much $$. For years I have been wearing just a long sleeve cover for my 'regular' American swimsuit and pants when I go swimming...not the most comfortable, but it works. Anyways, I have to say that I LOVE MY BURKINI and I only paid $18.00 for it!

What did I do with my Burkini? Yanal and I took Aisha to the Amman Waves Amusment Park! What a blast! It's a large waterpark with 3 different types of swimming pools, many waterslides and a food court.

The first swimming pool we went to was for younger kids. Knee deep, full of spraying water with a jungle gym right in the middle! Aisha got into it a little bit, but she didn't like the water spraying in the air because it often got into her eyes.

From there we went to the waterslides....gotta love this there are huge waterslides that whip around like the ones in the US. I wasn't sure if Aisha would be tall enough to go down the slide with me, but we waited in line to find out. When we got to the top I asked the man if Aisha was too little to go down the slide (remind you she is a petite 2 year old) and he's like "Oh no, no problem!" I told him which slide we wanted to go down and that we would go together. Silence..."Oh no," he says, you have to go one by one!" WHAT?!?!?! He seriously thought I was going to let my little, petite, sweet, nervous, shy, beautiful girl go down that huge scary waterslide all by herself!!!!! "No" I told him, "we want to go together." "Nope, one by one" he said again....and that was the end of that idea!

Then we went to the regular pool to swim. We put Aisha in her innertube thingy and she had a blast 'swimming' with us!

We saved the best for last! The last pool we went to was the Wave Pool. Here they had the music blasting and Aisha, of coarse, LOVE IT! My little lady loves to dance and she was showing everyone her moves! The pool is a graduated pool so it's easy for kids to play in and the older kids/adults can go to the back where it's deeper. Every hour or so they have a guy over the loud speaker yell "Attention" to let everyone know that it's time for the waves! Everyone heads to the wave pool and jumps the waves! Aisha LOVED IT, she jumped waves with Mommy. I don't know what was cuter, swimming and jumping waves with her or watching her show off her dance moves!

We spent around 5 hours at the park. The good Mommy that I am remembered to put sunblock on my daughter. But for anyone who doesn't know me, I never put sunblock on myself....oops....I forgot the Jordan sun is a bit more intense than the MN and WI sun.....ouch! I don't think I will forget myself next time :-)

Here's a website of the waterpark...I'll also post our own pictures when able.


  1. That looks fun!! The kiddie area looks like the one at Jellystone park in Wisconsin Dells. So when do we get to see a pic of you in your Burkini? Just kidding...glad you had fun!

  2. Hi Beth,
    Wow! Sounds like you all had a great time. That Aisha girl she sure knows how to have fun. Loves that water. Can't wait to see your photos. It is great that you post the wedsites for the places you go to. We all get to see the fun places in Jordan.
    Love Auntie Sharee

  3. That sounds like fun!

    Did you get the apartment?

    Did you get the message the I called the other day?


  4. Hello! I'm planning on visiting family in Jordan next week. I'm hoping to buy a burkini while I'm there. Where did you buy yours? Thank you :)