Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Things That Are Different

Again in response to your questions. Someone asked, "What things do you find different?"

Nearly every morning for breakfast we have hummus (chick pea dip), fava bean dip, olive oil with thyme and sesame seeds, different cheeses, tea and pita bread.

Supper is a variety of different foods. Many meals are cooked with rice, lamb or chicken, and/or a vegetable sauce. There are always many vegetables served, either in its natural state or in a salad.

Currently, I am doing my laundry in a washing machine and hanging the clothes to dry. We have a dryer here, but it's down 3 flights of stairs, so I find it easier just to do it this way. Laundry here is much different than the States. Many people still wash their clothes by hand. Those that do have a washing machine, have a very small washing machine. (I wash two small loads everyday). Most people do not have a dryer, so they hang their clothes outside to dry. Everywhere you look you see clothes drying outside.

Every night the people here either have visitors at their home or they are a visitor at someone elses home. It's fairly formal. This time of year it is hot during the day, so people love to sit outside at night. When they gather together, they mostly sit outside and hang out. There is usually some sort of food or dessert served. The food can range from fruit to an entire dinner. They always serve tea and coffee, and sometimes they serve soda as well. People venture out after supper and stay out pretty late, usually midnight or so. The kids all come too, bedtime is not as important as it is in the States.

Fresh Produce
My in-laws have a garden around there home. The garden grows things such as grapes, peaches, apricots, mint, lemon and newly planted bananas. They also have a farm that grows anyhting that you would find in the grocery store. Fresh fruit and veggies are served around here all day. If the fruit starts to go bad, then they make juice out of it. My daughter is always hanging out in the back of the house eating the grapes from the vine :-)

Gotta run, Aisha just woke up from her nap!

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