Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What do you think?!

Okay, so I am doing this blog as you obviously know. This is my first time 'blogging' and I'm looking for feed back. Do you like the content? Do I write too much, too little? What kinds of things do you like so far, what don't you like so far? What are you interested in reading about...the kids, everyday life here, the culture......What do you want me to write about?! Give me some ideas, so I can keep you interested :-) I miss you all! Take care, Bethany


  1. I want you to keep doing exactly what you are doing. I wonder what you are doing on a daily basis over there and this helps!!

  2. Thanks Linds. I miss you...come visit us!

  3. I love your blog Beth. I check every day- so that's my comment, write every day! ha I love hearing about the culture, what's new/shocking/different for you, how the kids are changing and adjusting, about Yanal's really everything. Keep it up - I love it! I'll have to get your email address from Sarah.

  4. I look in on your blog everyday. I hope you stay with it. Hope you guys can find an apartment soon that you can call your new home. I think that will help you feel like your at home with all your things around you. Sounds like little Aisha needs the stay well to keep up with that growing Omar. Busy little guy. I would be interested in what your marketing is like. I bet you don't shop once for a few weeks. I would love to smell and hear tha sounds of an open market. Next time.
    Love Auntie Sharee

  5. You are off to a marvelous start. I've got it bookmark and first on the bookmark bar. I can't wait to check each day to see what you've added. The length of stories have been prefect. Keep them short and manageable for you. They have informative, interesting and fun. The family trials and tribulations are most important, but I enjoy the culture, daily lifestyle info and the link too.

    A lot of people at work and friends have asked, "how are you doing?" They all have expressed interest in your blog. I am going to include your link in our next company news letter. You could have big following in short order.

    Love Dad

  6. Thanks everyone for your feedback! I'm glad you are enjoying this as much as I am! Take care. Love, Beth