Friday, July 31, 2009

Children's Museum Jordan

Hello All! What a great day! Yanal, Aisha, Omar and I went to the Children's Museum of Jordan. What a great place to bring your kids! It is very similar to the Children's Museum's you would find in big cities around the United States. Hands on learning for young growing minds. Aisha ran around the place like she owned it! How much fun it was to watch her!! My little girl is usually alittle reserved, she gets nervous around new things and new people....not today! She ran back and forth, through the exhibits, up and down the slide, threw the stardome, splashed in the water and didn't care if there was anyone around! My little, nearly 6 month old, Omar was in the Bjorn carrier and he was grabbing at anything he could get his little hands on! His favorite was the Red Sea aquarium, he loved all the colorful fish swimming by. We bought a membership for only 30JD = about $42.00, not bad for a year membership for our family plus 4 visitors and discounts throughout the place. Here is a link for those of you interested in visiting or are just interested!

I also found a blog belonging to an American woman who moved to Jordan with her American family almost a year ago. I have been emailing with her over the past 24 hours. She may be helpful in my adjustment here. She has already told me a few things helpful....Thank you Leslie! I hope we keep in touch and meet someday!

FYI-The people here are still celebrating the recent high school graduates! Festivites every night with music and fireworks at their parents homes!! We went out yesterday and said congrats to Yanal's cousins. It was fun to be involved and to say congrats to those we know!

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