Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Our First 10 Days

Our first 10 days have been filled with three things:

1-To find an apartment.
2-Adjusting to the time difference.
3-Healing sick kids and self.

FINDING AN APARTMENT: In Amman it is not as easy as finding an apartment in the United States. There are not many internet sites to help narrow your search. Mostly people find apartments through word of mouth. We have tried a few different approaches, starting with and continuing to use word of mouth. We have also found an agency that helps you find a place; however, their prices were more than we were willing to spend on monthly rent. Lastly, we have used the approach of driving around and looking for FOR RENT signs...this has been the least to our advantage. To date, we have looked at a handful of apartments ranging from 'cute but too small' to 'great size but old and ugly'. We are certain that we will find 'the right' place, but it will take time.

ADJUSTING TO THE TIME: has been our biggest challenge. Not usually much of a challenge for Yanal and myself, but it is for the children. Our kids sleep all day and are up all night! Mom is still nursing her little one and he asks for milk at least 3 times a night and then is ready to play at 430-530am...God give us strength and patience!

HEALING SICK CHILDREN AND SELF: yes, we are again sick. Those of you who know of our last trip here 2 months ago, know that we battled the flu/strep throat/bronchitis for 3 of our 4 week visit. Currently, both kiddos and Mom are battling a simple head cold/congestion. At this point we are not as sick as before and hope that it passes soon!

Life in Jordan so far feels as though we are visiting. We are staying with Yanal's family as we usually do, yet we are looking for a place to call our own. Yanal spends his days at work, and I am home with the kids and his family. I hang out here watching my kids play with their cousins. We spend our evenings outside the home together: visiting family or out to get ice cream and/or sweets. At some point I'm sure it will hit me that we are here for longer than usual, and I have had a few moments of weakness..but so far the first ten days have been good!

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  1. Beth I am so happy to hear you guys made it safely. Your strength and attitude inspire me! I hope finding a home falls into place sooner than later for you guys. I love the blog and look forward to following your journey!
    ~God Bless You All~
    Sara Goebel (Hemquist)