Thursday, September 3, 2009

What's New Around Here...

Hello. Family update tonight.

Aisha is getting cuter and cuter everyday and in every way! Her language skills are really improving. It's cute to listen to her sentences. She speaks a whole bunch of gibberish followed by some English and Arabic. If you understand both languages, she makes prefect sense. She simply uses two languages in one sentence. It's also fun to watch her use an English word with her cousin, who speaks a little English, and she notices that he doesn't understand her so then she flips over to Arabic! Even though she is surrounded by the Arabic language, she is learning English from her Mom, Dad, Aunt Rasha, Aunt Zeina and Grandpa Salem. Everyone wants her to be bilingual!

Omar is also getting cuter and cuter everyday and in every way. He is getting his fourth tooth (top right) and is really getting into table foods! I know it's early to start table foods, but this little man is after them! He will throw an absolute fit if he isn't allowed to eat with us at the table! This week he has had rice, potatoes, dates, bread with oil, pizza and dessert. He is so cute when he bites down using his new teeth and then chews the food and frantically looks for the next bite! He is also working on crawling. He almost has it down...sticks his butt up in the air, kicks his back legs and pulls with his arms. He loves chasing after his small ball and it gives him great practice! Lastly, he is starting to sit up. Not an expert on his own yet, but he is getting fairly comfortable with sitting and he definitely likes the new angle in life!

Yanal is also getting cuter and....okay, okay that's enough you say! Yanal's work is going well. Since it's Ramadan his hours have been shortened for the month. He goes to work an hour later and comes home an hour earlier. Many companies here adjust their hours for Ramadan because everyone is up late eating and visiting with family and friends. He has also been busy with getting the apartment in order. He is finding the right places to get good deals on new furniture, TV, washing machine and carpet (remember everything here is negotiable and it's all about who you know!). He is also calling around for all the things like satellite, Internet, etc. He is also busy with finding an electrician to change over some of our big ticket items from US to Jordan 220 whatever it is....thank goodness for men who understand these things!

Bethany is of course getting cuter and....puke, I know! LOL! I am busy with the kids. I am still staying at my in laws watching the kids everyday. Most days this is just what I want to be doing! I really enjoy the time with my kiddies, watching them grow and learning how to play together! I know I will have to find a job eventually and I am going to talk to a guy this weekend about opportunities that are around Amman. I am excited to make some money, but not to be working...I'd rather be with the kids and I'm really nervous about letting anyone watch them when I'm at work...what to do!!! I am also busy putting the apartment together. We go to the apartment sporadically during the week, with only an hour or two to organize after Yanal gets off work and then we have to head back to his parents house to break our fast. Needless to say, it is going fairly slow. Although, we are making progress and I'm hopeful that after this weekend we will be finished???!!

That's about it for now. Have a good night!!!

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