Thursday, September 24, 2009

He's Calling Me "MaMa"!

Okay, I didn't believe it at first either. I mean common on, my little lady didn't say Momma until she was over a year old! He's only 7 1/2 months old...really...MaMa???!

I know at this age they are babbling and discoverying what he can do with his voice. He's doing that, BaBaBaBa, DaDaDaDa, MaMaMaMa and other babbles that he finds amusing. However, he is definately calling me MaMa!

He calls for me in the morning when he wakes up, "MaMa MaMaaaa!". He calls for me after he wakes from his naps, when he wants to be fed, and when he wants me to hold him, "MaMA"! He looks right in to my eyes and calls my name!

I can't say any more about it, other than he is amazing to watch. This little guy is so more active, aggressive and sure of himself than his sister was at this age. I just wonder what his future holds. I sometimes hold my breath wondering what our future holds when he is 2 years old...Omar is not passive like Aisha was as his age and she is now a busy, sometimes naughty, little 2 year old! I wonder what he will be like?!

I still can't believe it, MAMA! Simply adorable!


  1. What a very special moment for you, Beth. How wonderful and exciting. Isn't fun to see how different your childern are as they grow into themselves. Grandma always had her stories about her childern and how she knew each one in their different ways. It does keep things interesting. The pictures are sooo great. Aisha and Omar have grown in these few months. It is nice to see photos of Yanal's family too. Thank you.
    Love Auntie Sharee

  2. Wow! How exciting. He's already calling you mama mama!! Makes me think of that cute story Aisha tells about the dog and how she got scared and called out for "mama mama!"

    Beth, those two already look so much older than when I saw them two months ago. Aisha's features have expecially come into their own more :)

    So excited to here how things are progressing with the family!

    Love, Proud Auntie Laura