Friday, September 18, 2009

We Found a Pediatrician!

Hello! I just wanted to announce that we found a new Pediatrician! She was recommended to us and I really, really liked her a lot! Thanks to Yassar and Teresa for following up with the recommendation!

Both of my kiddos are sick and to my great surprise....I did not go home with a single script for antibiotics!! Aisha got scripts for her on going constipation and for the cough that causes her to gag and throw up every night. Omar got scripts for prn fever due to his vaccinations and a decongestant for his runny nose.

This MD was like the USA MDs, she worked with me. She had to mesh the vaccination schedules of Jordan and the USA, which vary slightly. She asked many good questions, had good answers to my questions, played with both kids to make them comfortable with her, and she had a thorough examinations! I am soooo happy and take back some of my previous comments about the MDs here in Jordan.

The only thing that sucked was the vaccines were not covered my the health insurance, so we had to fork over 125 JD, about $170.00 for 4 vaccines! As mentioned earlier, Jordan MDs and hospitals require that you pay at the time of service...bummer, when we were expecting everything, especially vaccines, to be covered...but what are you gonna do when he already received the vaccinations?! Otherwise, the insurance covered the exams at 100% and we only had to pay $1.00 for the 4 prescriptions! $1.00, awesome!

Well, I hope these meds help my poor, little, sick ones!! I'll let you know!

Otherwise....Happy Eid to all my Muslim friends and family! I will write more about Eid Al Fitr, once I experience the 3 days Islamic holiday here in Jordan!

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