Tuesday, September 1, 2009

10 Things I Miss Most...

1-MY FAMILY! I wish they were here with me to play with my kids and watch them grow! I also wish they were here to share this expereince with me. I am looking forward to my parents visiting this winter sometime!!!!! I am also looking forward to going home to MN next summer sometime!

2-Work.....yes I said it, I miss work. (Although I'm not too excited about looking for a job here, I am enjoying my time with the kids too much.) Honestly, I just miss St. Francis Hospital and all the wonderful people I worked with! I worked with the best group of people one could ever ask for and I had the greatest hours. I loved being a nurse on CPT, CIC and the STAT RN. I also miss working with the patients!

3-My Friends. I miss laughing with you and confiding in you. I wish that we had spent more time together when we could have. I hope to see you again someday.

4-Going for long walks in the woods and in the neighborhoods. Jordan is not set up for people to walk easily, especially when you are trying to push a stroller! There are sooo many hills/mountains here and everything is rocky. The neighborhoods were not set up with an evening walk in mind. Also, there are virtually no trees here, unless they are in an olive farm. Sometimes I joke that there is a forest over there and it will be a group of about 50 pine trees. There are a few state parks here and we are looking forward to checking them out someday.

5-The lakes...Lake Michigan or the Brainerd Lakes Area. Nope, no lakes in Jordan. There is the Dead Sea and the Rea Sea. However, the Dead Sea is way to hot this time of year and the Rea Sea is 5 hours from here. Thank goodness for Amman Waves and the natural springs for dipping your feet in the water.

6-Hanging out in a large backyard with grass. Not much grass here to lay on or to to play with the kiddies. I also miss just listening to the birds sing and the gentle breeze on a calm summer day!

7-My parents cabin! I wish we could go up north and hang out with the family, go swimming, fishing, hang out on the boat and take nice walks.

8-TARGET. Oh, how I miss the days of shopping at Target or even Walmart...man, I'll even take KMart right now!

9-Carpet...weird you may think, but try laying your 6 month old on the cold tile that is everywhere! Thankfully, my brother in law has carpet in the bedrooms that we are staying in otherwise no one has carpet! It's not easy to teach a 6 month old how to crawl and sit when the floor is hard and cold. Also, I have to keep him in my arms almost all day because you can't just lay him on the floor and let him play...I put blankets down, but then he scoots himself off of the blanket. The tile may look nice and is easy to clean, but it's not what I'm use to and it's not the best with a baby. Although nice for the messes my toddler makes when eating lunch!

10-Greens and Blues. Everything here is browns and yellows, from the hills to the buildings. Preety in it's own right, but I miss the greens and blues!

Even though I miss these things, doesn't mean I'm not enjoying myself. I do like it here...but I do miss these things and many more!

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