Wednesday, September 9, 2009

She Pee'd in the Potty!

Okay. So what this Blog does for me, you will never know. About 12 hours ago I wrote about being homesick...and I was near shedding a tear (I don't cry, I hate crying). I am still homesick; however, after writing my last posting I feel a lot better. Blogging for me is like I organizing my thoughts and make sense of life again. Thank you and thank you sister Sarah for the wonderful idea to start a blog!

Anyways........back to the BIG NEWS! Potty training a 2 year old. With all the things going on in our lives in the past 7 months, I have not really had a chance to sit down and focus on potty training my little girl. As you know 7 months ago I had my son...they say not to train when you have a new addition to your home. So we waited. 2 months later we went to Jordan to visit for a month..not a good time to train away from home. Then we wanted to try and knew that she was probably ready, but we were packing to move to Jordan....not a good time. Then we went to MN for a month to visit...again, not a good time. Now we have been in Jordan for 1 1/2 months, staying at my in-laws...didn't feel like it was a good time here either. Sure amongst all of this we have shown her the potty and tried to get her to sit on a few different potty chairs and talked about her needing to use the big girl chair instead of yucky diapers.

Well today, we unpacked the potty chair from our old home. My little girl saw the chair, asked "All done diaper" and started pulling her pants down. Mommy helped her sit on the little girl chair and she sat there for a while. As she sat there, she asked for her Daddy to come see her sitting on the chair. Daddy came over and praised her for sitting on the chair. Then she asked for "paper". Okay, not knowing if she went or not, i got her some toilet paper and she wiped herself. She then asked for "water" and wiped herself with the wet toilet paper. And when she stood up.....SHE HAD ACTUALLY PEE'D IN THE POTTY CHAIR! Ahhhhh, I can't tell you how proud of her I am. I praised her and told her today was a big day, gave her a huge hug and kisses! She kissed Daddy too!! She was just as proud as we were! YEAH AISHA! The joys of parenthood!


  1. OMGOSH!!! How wonderful for Aisha and you. Do you think that getting your own home and getting your things about you is helping. It is just like the little light bulb went on when Aisha saw the pottie chair and said I'm ready. Yea!! I'm so happy for you all.
    Love Auntie Sharee

  2. Wow! Way to go Aisha! She must have been learning throughout all your efforts to teach her about using the big-girl potty even when you were not pushing the issue very hard. She decided -on her own time and terms- that she was ready to give it a try. I love it. I am beaming with pride half way across the world. Give her a big hug from Auntie Sarah!

    Love, Her Proud Aunt

  3. That's the best part of parenting, celebrating all life's victories together. What a big little girl!

  4. Yeah Aisha!!!!! That's a BIG deal!!! Do they sell those little special wet wipes (across between TP and Baby wipes) for potty training kids there? Those were awesome when Chloe was learning to wipe herself!