Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sick of Being Sick!

Okay, they are sick...again! My kids have spent a total of 3 months here in Jordan and they are now starting their 3rd round of sickness. I am sick of them being sick! I don't remember Aisha getting sick this often in our old home. However, she wasn't exposed to this many people. She didn't play with many kids either. It's also that time of year when the kiddos head back to school, so I'm certain her cousins have brought some sick bugs home to my kids. Whatever the reason, I'm sick of it!

In addition to runny noses, coughs, aches and pains, throwing up and constant crying my little lady is also constipated! Grrrr......sick of constipation too! Same old story, she starts with not going for about 4 days and then she's backed up and scared to go over the next 2 weeks or so. TMI (Too much information) you might say, but I'm so tired of it. No matter what I do or say, she is 2 and stubborn and it hurts so she refuses.

ahhhh, I'm so tired.

On the flip side, Yanal's brother and his wife are coming to visit for the Islamic holiday, Eid AlFitr. They moved to Bahrain about a year ago from the USA. We are looking forward to spending time with them!! They will be staying about 4 days with us.

Other great news, Yanal's is off work for the next 6 days! Eid will be on Sunday or Monday. He has the weekend off (Friday and Saturday) and then he gets 4 days off for the holiday!! It will be really nice to spend some quality time with him. For those of you who don't know our previous arrangements, we were fortunate enough to spend a great deal of time together before now. I use to work 2 days, 12 hour shifts, and he was a graduate student. He only had class a few days a week, so we would spend nearly every day together. It is an adjustment for us not to see each and even more of an adjustment for he not to spend so much time with our kids. We will love this time off!

We are all set to move into our home. Just waiting for the TV and washing machine to be delivery and installed tomorrow. However, because his brother is coming to visit we have decided to stay with his family until after Eid. I was going to stay there tonight with the kids, boy I am sure glad I decided not to....Aisha threw up ALL over the bed and it was GREAT to ask Mary, the worker, to come take care of the bed for me, so I could take care of Aisha. I will sure miss having Mary around!

Well, that's about it for now! Hope you all have a great night and pray that my kids will get better soon!


  1. Hugs and kisses to the sick kids and a great big hug to the sick and tired MOM. I wish you, Beth and Almanisar family in having a wonderful holiday coming. Enjoy your time with each other.
    Love Auntie Sharee

  2. I wish you happy holidays this weekend. Enjoy your time with Yanal and with the rest of the family!

    I bet you and Aisha are both very tired of her being sick and constipated. Im glad that Mary is there to help you as you are try to take care of all your demands right now. Having a maid/servant sounds great! I wonder how I can go about getting one of those! :-)

    I tried posting something about Monte the Moose, but I don't think it worked. Just in case-- ask Aisha if she remembers that Monte was in Sarah and J's back yard!