Saturday, October 2, 2010

What's Drives This Girl Crazy

Hello Everyone. So most of the time, I try to be positive in my blog posts. Especially when I am writing about Jordan, its people, or its culture. I do this because overall it is a great country, with great people, and a great culture.

However....once in a while....there are things that drive this girl crazy about living here!

I had a melt down the other day when I was trying to stop at McDonald's for my hubby. The story goes a little like this:

Hubby was stuck working late. He asked me to pick him up McDonald's and bring it to him. Sure, no problem. I am already out of the house with the kids and I can totally stop at McDonald's for my guy. problem....if we were in the USA. Here....shouldn't be a big deal either....but my story went like this. I had no cash. McDonald's ONLY takes cash (just like most places in Jordan). Need a bank. I am near the Abdoun circle, should be a bank in the busy circle. Go to Abdoun circle. Yes!-Parking place near two banks. First bank ATM, "Out of Service". Go to the second bank, two armed guards outside say something to me in Arabic and it's obvious that they are not taking customers. Crap. Look around Abdoun Circle, YES!, another bank on the other end of the circle. CRAP! No parking. Decide to double park with kids in the car. Put flashers on and pray for the best. Wait in line. Wait in line. Hurry up lady, I have kids in the car, I doubled park on a busy street and I can hear them starting to cry! Wait in line. My turn. Put in my card at the ATM, enter code, enter JD amount...."Aborted" !!!!@#$!!!! Try again. "ABORTED" !!!@#$!!! Why? Print out in Arabic only! Try my bank card from the USA. Nope. Kids screaming in the car. Policeman walking towards my double parked car. My cell phone ringing. Husband. "Call you back", I say. Screw it...ATMs all together. Policeman, "Is this your ride?" I say, "Yes, I'm leaving." Me thinking, 'my ride?', what policeman asks that, 'your ride'?! Get in car, kids screaming and crying. I drive off. "!@#$, SCREW THIS, I JUST WANTED TO GET A NUMBER 4 AT MCDONALDS!"


  1. Oh No! That sounds like something that would happen to me and you KNOW I would tell everyone who would listen about a series of unfortunate events like that!!! So, what did Yanal end up eating for dinner?! :-)


  2. Yanal came home 'early' and ate at home!

  3. it could happen to me as well :) only difference I would have Bibs on the arm otherwise I think she would tear her car seat apart! Still get the crying though, when getting back in the car!

  4. If you want, I'll pick up a #4 at McDonalds and send it to you. :-) You're lucky you didn't get a ticket for being double parked!

    Love, Mom