Monday, September 27, 2010

Betsy's Geography Class

Hello to Ms. Betsy Kelley and her Geography class! Welcome to my blog!!

To all other readers, let me update you.

Who is Betsy Kelley? Ms. Kelley is a Geography teacher in Sheridan, Wyoming. This coming week Ms. Kelley will be teaching her students about the Middle East. As she did last year, Ms. Betsy will be asking her Geography class to tune into my blog. I will be excepting questions and comments from her students. Questions could be about my experiences abroad, the Middle East, Jordan, Islam, culture, or any topic of their choosing (and dependant on her assignment instructions).

For her students to ask questions or put comments. Please write your questions in the Reader Comment section on the right side of my blog or attach a comment to this blog entry. If you have comments about any of my blog entries, please feel free to attach them to the blog entry you are commenting on, or you can write them in the Reader Comment section on the right side of my blog!

Looking forward to hearing from all of you in Ms. Kelley's class!

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