Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Interesting Jobs in Jordan

I am sure there are many jobs around the world that are interesting, strange, unique. I am sure many people in the United States have jobs that some would consider interesting, strange and unique. In Jordan, we definitely have some jobs that I wouldn't call unique to Jordan -as I am sure that other places around the world hold similar jobs or did at one point in time; however, these jobs are interesting to me as they are not found in the United States.

-Street Cleaners. Men employed by the city are dressed in an orange uniform and supplied with a regular kitchen broom and a cardboard box. They walk the same designated streets every morning and afternoon, sweeping the garbage into the cardboard boxes. Men are also designated on the hillsides near the highways. Here they collect the trash, again into their cardboard boxes. In addition to the obvious, what always amazes me is they do not usually wear gloves....can someone please supply them with gloves!

-Street Painters. The side streets and curbs are painted by men with a paint bucket and a paint brush. Really, they paint the stripes on the road and keep the curbs looking fresh!

-Street Vendors.
--Farmers selling their produce on the side of the street.
--Men selling fresh coffee on the side of the freeway.
--Men and children selling trinkets, Kleenex, gum, and anything in between on the streets between the cars at stop lights.
--Men selling the morning newspaper on the side of the streets. They are standing at the stoplights to sell the paper to the morning traffic stopped at stop lights.

-Man Servants. Many businesses employee a man who is similar to a waiter/servant. Thirsty for coffee, tea, water or anything else your work may supply? the man and he will make the tea or coffee as you ordered and bring it to you, no tip. Some of these men will also run to the store to get lunch, by a pack of cigarettes, fill your car with gas, or anything you ask within reason. I suppose it's like a concierge services.

--Most apartments are supplied with a guard. I suppose it is similar to caretaker in the Condos in the US. They take care of keeping the apartment grounds clean. However, they are available to help with odds and ends that you may need. For instance, you can ask them to help bring in the groceries, or they will even go get the groceries for you. They will clean your car once or twice a week for 5JD (around $6.00) a month. They will also clean your apartment, wash your rugs, and other things that you need for a a small fee.
--All expensive homes. All government buildings. Many privately owned business. As well as other places have guards. These guards are like security guards. They stand outside making sure that those who are there - should be there. They are usually armed with a firearm. It's not unsafe here, I think it's a status thing more than anything.

-Maids. There are live in maid everywhere in Amman. They do everything for you for nearly nothing. They are paid around 200JD ($300) a month, to do all that you ask. Laundry, cooking, cleaning, caring for kids. It's interesting going to the park, because all the small children are being held and chased around by the maid...not the family members.

-Car Washers. I mentioned the guards are available to wash your car. How about when you go to out to dinner, a nice place sure, but even somewhere like KFC or Burger King. They hand-wash the cars one by one and ask for a small tip of gratitude. Also, as you drive down the streets of Amman, you will always see someone washing parked cars.

Strange, Interesting, Unique. The unfortunate truth is that here in Amman, there are many people who have no job opportunities except these.

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