Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ms. Betsy Kelley's Questions and Answers Blog!

Hello to Ms. Kelley's Geography class and the rest of my readers.

I want everyone to know that I have developed a new blog, attached to this one, which is designated for answering the questions to Ms. Kelley's Students.

Students may ask questions on either blog. However, to keep organized, I developed a second blog to answer all questions. This way students can easily find their own and their fellow students Q and A. This also helps Ms. Kelley keep organized, as she can easily find all enteries in one location, rather than searching up and down my Stories from Jordan Blog. Lastly, it keep my thoughts organized.

I hope that all readers, not just Ms. Kelley's class comes to my blog at -The students write great questions, which prove to be not only a great learning opportunity for them, but for everyone!

I have included links to in my Sweet Blogs List, in the comments section, Short Stories Section, and this blog post.

I have also included a link on the new blog for for easy access back and forth between blogs!

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