Friday, October 22, 2010

This is the view, everywhere you look in Jordan these days! Faces. Thousands. Thousands of faces staring. Faces of those hoping to be elected for Parliament in the Jordanian elections to be held in November. I, being new to Jordan, am learning about this process as it goes on. Here's what I learned from
"The Legislature consists of two houses: The Assembly of Senate and Chamber of Deputies. The House of Senators has 55 members all of whom are directly appointed by the King, whist the Chamber of Deputies/House of Representatives has 80 elected members representing 12 constituencies. Of the 80 members of the lower house, 71 must be Muslim, 9 are for Christians, 3 are for Circassians and Chechen minorities, and six seats are for women."
"Senators have terms of 4 years and are appointed by the King and can be reappointed. Prospective Senators must be at least 40 years of age and held senior positions in either the government or the military."... "Deputies are elected to serve a four year term. Candidate must be older than thirty five and cannot be related to the king and must not have financial interests in governmental contracts."
"Both houses can initiate debates and vote on legislation. Proposals are referred by the Prime Minister to the House of Deputies where they are either accepted or rejected. Every proposal is referred to a committee of the lower house for consideration. If it is approved then it is referred to the government to draft in the form of a bill and submit to the Chamber of Deputies. If approved by this House it is passed onto the Senate for debate and a vote. If the Senate gives its approval then the King can either grant consent or refuse. In this case the bill is passed back to the House of Deputies where they review and voting process is repeated. If both houses pass the bill by a two-thirds majority it becomes an Act of Parliament overriding the Kings veto. Article 95 of the Constitution empowers both houses to submit legislation to the government in the forms of a draft law."

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  1. Whew. That's a lot to learn. Reminds me of when Yanal had to learn all the the US facts and pass the test before he could become a US citizen!

    Can you read many of the signs?

    Love, Mom