Sunday, October 25, 2009

Yanal's Home!...for a day and a half!

I'll make this one short, since my last post seemed to go on forever :-)

Yanal is home from Italy! He will stay with us for the next 36 hours and then he's off to Cypress for 4 days. Here is a link about the Jordan-Italy Business Forum he helped put together. His Majesty King Abdullah II gave a speech at the forum and the Jordan Times newspaper wrote an article about the King's speech He stood quite close to the King and Queen as they walked into the forum and not too far from the Queen during the forum...kinda cool huh! Here are some pictures and a link from Her Majesty Queen Rania's website and facebook site

So what did the rest of the family do while Yanal was working in Milan?

Well, this Momma has learned how to get herself around town. I dropped Yanal off and picked him up from the airport (an hour drive). I drove the kiddos to the park and to Dreamland (an amusement park for young kids at the mall). I also drove to and from my in laws home. Not too bad for my first 4 days alone. I feel very refreshed that I am getting around town on my own. I even put in and turned up the Fleetwood Mac and jammed a bit as I drove thru Amman :-) It feels good to have some of my Independence restored!!

Omar was busy pulling himself up and standing on top of everything! He was also busy getting two new teeth. He now has 6 teeth, 2 on the bottom and 4 on top...very cute!

Aisha is sleeping in underwear thru the more diapers for my little lady! However, she did have one day that she thought it was fun to pull her pants down and pee on her toys and other things. She peed on her ball...two different times...and she peed on her beloved Curious George toy. She also thought it was funny when she peed on the couch. Then she thought she was being helpful when she peed on the coffee table and was "Cleaning Mom, with pee!" as she wiped the pee on top of the coffee table!! What possess a 2 year old to do the things they do?!

Anyways, we are happy that Yanal/Daddy is back and we will miss him while he is gone over the next few days.

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  1. HAHAHAHAHA!!! Thanks for the laugh...that was a good one...and crank up the Fleetwood Mac for me!