Thursday, February 4, 2010 Jordan

It happens almost every year lately, but over all it's still very uncommon for snow to fall in Jordan.

Last night they were predicting snow and everyone was out shopping. They we shopping for groceries. Filling up their cupboards because the stores will be closed as well as many schools and places of work. People are happy and praying for the snow. They are looking forward to being couped up inside with their families, baking and cooking comfort foods.

As the weathermen predicted, we woke up to snow this morning. It snowed at our home all day on and off. Out our window there is nearly 1/2 inch of snow dusting the rocks and mountains. It's quite pretty and reminds me of home.

The snow today was not enough to close my husbands work, but many people did not go because of the snow. Many stores stayed open as well; however, there were schools closed. It's interesting how the streets, people and equipment are not use to snow as we are in the Midwest of the United States. Growing up in Minnesota, snow just seems like a natural part of life. Where here in Jordan, it is such an uncommon occurrence and they are not equip for even the smallest amount of snow.

I hope the Jordanians stay warm and enjoy their time with family this snowy weekend! This family of Midwesterners will be traveling out to Grandma and Grandpa's home this weekend for my son's 1st birthday party!


  1. Could Aisha play in the snow??? Remember that 6 foot tall snowman your dad helped you build in April 1984? Snow is fun to play in and a day at home with the family is always good. It's snowing here in Brainerd as I write and we're expecting 3 inches this weekend.

    Have fun! Love, Mom

  2. There wasn't much snow to play in, but she sent out an kicked and threw some snow...about all you could do with as much as we had!

  3. Hmmm, maybe we could bring you a suitcase full when we visit you in March! Love, Mom