Thursday, February 11, 2010

I Got a Job and a second Car!

Hello, hello! As you can see by my title, we have bought another car and I will soon be going to work!

The work!...It's interesting how perspective changes. For a couple months now I have been out looking for work. Not too aggressively, because I love staying home with the kids. Yet, there were days when I was saying to myself...Get me outta this house! Kids, no doubt that I love them dearly, yet I need a break once in a while. I'm sure all the stay at home Mommies can relate to those feelings, especially those with 2 little one and no transportation. However, now that I have been offered a job and start work in a few days.....Alhumdillah (Thank God), yet, um, I just want to stay home with my beautiful kids! I am going to miss those little ones so much! This question keeps coming to me, how does one drop them off in someone elses care for 8 hours?! I found a daycare that seems really nice, but all that crazy it going to make my kids crazy too!?! I have my in-laws that have offered to help out as well. I will start our first day with the kids in a familiar place, at Grandma's home "Tae-Tae's house" as Little Miss calls it. I feel good about both places. I know they are safe and will be looked after....but it won't be me, Momma, looking after them....Sigh. On the flip side, it will be great for the kids to get out and play with other kids. They will learn things from the kids at the daycare that they cannot learn from me. Our time together will also be just that much more special. It will also be good for me to get out of the house, meet new people and to use that part of my brain that has been turned off for nearly 9 months now. I will tell you more about the job once I start and know more about it myself :-)

The car!...It's a 2004 Peugeot. I don't know the model, but it's one of those little cars you often see in Europe. We don't have them, that I know of, in the US. It's a cute car that fits 4 people comfortably and 5 people if needed. We needed a second car, simply for each of us to get around town. Hubby takes the car to work and the kids and I are 'stuck' all day. So now, Alhumdillah, we have the freedom to get out, explore, shop and play! It will be great to have the second car now that I will start work too. It will also be great for when my parents and sister are here visiting in a few weeks because we will have more flexibility as well! Yeah for the new car :0) Pictures to come, I'm sure.

That's the exciting news in our home this week! I guess things are starting to feel more and more like 'home away from home' all the time. Hope you had a good week as well!


  1. Ahhh, this is good news. Being away for a few hours each week is a good thing for all of you. This is good. :-) Love, Mom

  2. It's hard to hand control over to someone else when it comes to your kids...but think of all the funny little stories Aisha is going to be telling you and Yanal after she comes home! And once you see that your kids are happy, your seperation anxiety will get easier for you :) Hope everything falls into place for you...I am excited for you!
    Love, Linds

  3. How exciting for you Beth. You sure don't let the moss grow under you. Things are happening as they should. You need to grow yet and in doing so, so are your childern going to benifit too. You will have to elaborate on the job?!? Congradulations and good luck.

    Love Auntie Sharee

  4. Ooo, how exciting! Good for you :) Hopefully we can catch up soon. And LUCKILY we'll get to see each other soon!!

    Love, Laura