Saturday, December 4, 2010

What Makes Them Who They Are...

What Makes Little Miss Who She Is...

Carrying around her beloved Bear everywhere we go - "Momma, Bear misses me if I leave him"

Still sucking her thumb and denying that she does - "I don't suck my thumb, BooBoo sucks his thumb, BooBoo is a baby!"

Being a wonderful big sister - "BooBoo you have to hold my hand, be careful, stay on the sidewalk because there might be cars!"

Enjoying the song and dance - A mix of Arabic and English music, she can sing and dance in both languages!

Constantly checking if everyone is happy - "Momma, are you happy?"

Always wanting to play in her room - "Momma, play with me in my room!"

Needing to say I love you hundreds of times a week - "I love you Momma" and "Momma, I love BooBoo so much!" and "I love my Baba (Dad) really a lot!"

Loving the beautiful things - "Ohhh, her shoes are pink!", "She has pretties in her hair!", "Wow, that's fancy!"

Favorite 'toons - Minnie Mouse, Tom & Jerry

Favorite things - Playing "Scary" (pretending I am an alligator while she hides under the covers). Hide and Seek. Making a fort with the couch. Drawing. Painting. Playdough. Children's Museum. Reading Books. Dresses. Fancy shoes.

What I love most about her - Her soft, tender, enormous heart!

What Makes BooBoo Who He is...

Taking his blanket with him everywhere he goes - "B"

Always checking for Little Miss- "AiJa, where you?!"

Kissing the one who is crying - "Momma, AiJa crying" followed by "Muuuah"

Incredible temper when he doesn't get what he wants - "AIIIIIIIJAAAAAA, NOOOOOO!"

Incredbile personality - Amazing personality!

Athletic ability - Mark my words, he WILL be playing soccer and/or sports and he will be great!

Favorite 'toons - Barney, Tom & Jerry

Favorite things - Hide and Seek. Cooking with Momma. Reading Books. Kicking balls. Walking/running outside. Jumping.

His adorable blond curles and long dark eyelashes.

What I love most about him - He is full of interest and energy!


  1. As always, your posts about the kids make me smile :) Thanks for sharing and for keeping us updated on all that they are!

    Love you,

  2. You should make a copy of today's entry and see how it all plays out. I think you'll see that they are who they will be. That makes me *smile*

    Love you,

  3. Dear Beth,
    Thank you so very much for letting us get to know Aisha and Omar as they growup. With you all so far away this lets us all keep up so when we see each other again we aren't total strangers. Great Big Hugs to you all.
    Love Auntie Sharee