Sunday, January 17, 2010

"Momma, I'm a Princess!"

This Saturday, we went to Ajlun (Ajloun) Castle in northern Jordan. It was the first time either Yanal or I had visited one of the nine castles in Jordan. To be honest, I never thought it sounded appealing to see the castles. I guess it sounded kind of boring to me, as I was comparing it to Petra, Wadi Rum, Aquaba, Jerash and all the other highlights Jordan has to offer. However, Yanal and I found it very interesting!
The castle (or fortress) was on top of the largest hill around.
At the edge of the castle grounds, it felt as though the earth dropped off.
A steep ditch surrounded the fortress for additional protection. The entrance is now a simple bridge over the ditch; however, there use to be a drawbridge to enter the building.
If entered into the fortress, the invaders would have to make it up many steps, as seen behind the kids and me.
Once in the fortress/castle, there were many small slits all along the solid rock walls. These slits were angled inside the building to give the necessary angle to the soldiers who stood to protect the grounds. They were long in shape for the bows and arrows that were used as protection from these sites. From the outside of the building these small slits were barely noticeable, which protected the soldier from harms way.
These are actual rock balls that were used in the catapult and slung at the invaders. They explained that later in time the cannon balls and other fire balls would replace these rock balls. Below is an example picture I found on the web of a catapult.

I wish that I had my video camera with us that day for two reasons 1-my regular camera wasn't working very well and 2-Aisha ran through the castle telling us and anyone that would listen that she was the Princess! She would then further explained that Omar was the Prince, Daddy was the King, and Mommy was the Queen. She was so adorable.

Views from inside Ajloun Castle....

Northern Jordan is beautiful. The land is filled with lush, green mountains and valleys of trees and olive groves. This was taken below the castle on a small, winding, dirt road.
If you want to learn about Ajloun Castle and its history, please go to:


  1. what could be more fun for the young imagination then to be in a real castle. To pretend to be a real princess. Oh how fun. I really like taking these trips with you guys. Where are we going nexted?

    Love Auntie Sharee

  2. Hey Sharee. I am thinking about bring a princess dress and crown for Aisha next time we go to a castle...haha! I don't know what's next. Next Sat is Yanal's b-day so he can choose the destination. I would like to check out their wildlife reserves sometime soon! We are checking stuff out for when my parents come!! Can't wait!

  3. Hi Beth. Aisha really IS a princess to her grandma! Did she fit into the "princess" dress Mikayla sent to her? We can not wait to visit all of you: especially now that we know there is a princess, prince, king and queen in the family!

    Love, Mom

  4. Hi Beth! Chloe read your blog (all by herself) and really enjoyed it because we just watched a show last weekend about she thought that was really cool that you got to go there, and that you took pictures of the catapult balls and the arrow slits!
    Love, Linds

  5. Hi!

    Thanks for sharing about your adventures last Saturday. The castle looks like an interesting place to visit and it looks like its in a beautiful area of Jordan. Its fun that I was able to talk with Aisha on Sunday about her great time at the castle!

    Love you,