Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year, Goodbye 2009

It's that time of year. The end of the year when everyone is making out their new years resolutions and reminiscing about the year that's ending. I for one, have never really been into either of these things. I don't go out to celebrate the incoming year. I have made resolutions before, but not with serious intent to keep any of them. And I don't think that I have ever reminisced about the passing year. However, this year of 2009 has been a big one for me and I feel the need to write about it.

Our year started out with a wonderful blessing. In February our second child, first son, was born. He is an amazing addition to our family! He is just about 11 months old now and he is so much fun to watch grow. So very different than my daughter, whom we also love more than anything the world could give us. Omar is curious about his world, persistent about getting what he wants, stubborn when told no, adorable to no end, and full of laughter. I am certain that he will be fully walking by the end of the week. Again, persistent. He has been working on his walking skills without hesitation for 2 weeks now. Today, he is able to walk about the distance of half the room before skidding onto his face, followed by laughter and back onto his feet to try it again! He and his sister have become great friends; playing and laughing together most of the day...with a few arguments regarding who get to play with what toy.

The end of March, while on my maternity leave, we took a trip over to Jordan to visit my in laws and introduce them to our toddler and new baby. Little did we know at that time, we would be back in a few live.

In May, I quit my work at St. Francis Hospital in Milwaukee, WI when we found out we are moving. I worked there for 7 years and loved almost every moment of it...almost every moment...LOL! I had so many wonderful friends (nurses, doctors and staff) that I worked closely with. It was so hard to say was expecially hard because I didn't really get a chance to say all happened to quickly. I also didn't get to say goodbye to my friends outside work, just a phone call and back to packing. Too much happened too quickly.

Then, in June, there was the passing of my wonderful Grandmother. I don't know how to express how much she meant to me and to our family. She was so strong and her strength was the backbone that kept us all strong. She was an amazing woman, whom I respected and looked up to with great admiration. She has and always will be one the dearest people in my life. She has touched my life in so many ways. I am thankful for her life and grateful that she was alive until her last breath. So many people just linger in this world and she continued living until her last day. I miss her dearly, there are really no words to describe her and how much I loved her. I miss you Grandma.

July, we move to Jordan. Ugh. What a nightmare it has been to finally feel that we have settled here. It is now the last day in December and I can say that we are finally, pretty much, settled in. We found out about the move in May, I put in my two weeks notice at work, packed diligently, shipped our stuff to Jordan, went to visit family in the US over the next month, and then landed in Jordan in July. It took two months to find an apartment worth living in, followed by another month of fixing, painting and unpacking before we moved in. Once moved in we had to do too many things to make everything work....I don't know how many times and how many different electricians over to convert our appliances over to 220v before they were all working. We had so many issues with the appliances...FYI to anyone moving the appliances in the country you are moving to, unless they use the same electrical systems as your homeland!!! Then all the paperwork we have had to do in order to stay in country. How many times have we been down the same roads only to be told that we have to do another step before they can talk to us (why didn't you tell us that the first time!), or for paperwork not to have gone through yet, or the place was closed for the day. Nothing here is done electronically and no one gives you a pre-typed form that tells you that these are the steps you have to take to get from A to B...nope, you have to keep driving down to the places, wait in line, talk to some guy that doesn't have all the answers, hope he told you correctly, only to find out later that he forgot to mention 3 steps inbetween and you have just wasted an entire afternoon...again. Hmmm....I guess I better get off this subject...I'm rambling. Basically nothing is easy here and it has taken a loooong time to get where we are at. I am so grateful for my wonderful husband who has taken over everything and made our family comfortable. He is truly amazing!

We are now finishing up December and 2009. I want to say a few things to my friends and family back home. First off, I miss you. I am soooo looking forward to my parents coming to visit this spring! And soooo looking forward to seeing many of you this summer when we come to Minnesota (don't know when yet). Second, thank you all for your support during this difficult time in our lives. I couldn't have pulled threw it without your support. Lastly, I'm sorry for not being there for you this year like I wish I could have. I have been more than a little self-centered this year because of all the baby and moving in particular. I hope to be a better mother, wife, daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece, cousin, and friend in 2010!

Stay safe, stay warm and Happy New Year! Love you!


  1. It was a huge year for you. It was filled with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Your words about grandma brought tears to my eyes. I miss her, too.

    Happy New Year!


  2. Brought tears to my eyes too. I hope and pray that all of you have a mother in law as great as she was.

    Nice job, Beth, for being a wonderful wife, mother, daughter and granddaughter. You are amazing in many ways.

    We love and respect you.

    Happy New Year!


  3. Love you Beth. It's been a HUGE year for you, and you've handled it with courage, grace and love. You are a wonderful example of what a wife and mother should aspire to be.

    Love, Laura