Sunday, November 7, 2010

Home Sick

Okay, so I am at work, about to cry. Unsure why I decided to start typing on my blog, because I am for sure going to cry in doing so. Whatever, I feel the need. I feel the need to express my wish to be home. Home today and home next month (and the months after that too....why not?!)

I am excited for my sister today, as today is her baby shower! It is her first baby. It is my first niece/nephew on my side of the family! I am so excited for her! I am sure those of you women out there can relate: Those of women who have carried, delivered, and are mothering your own babies and who have a younger sister who is now doing the same (for the very first time) know how exactly how exciting it can be. Talking about pregnancy, about motherhood, about delivery, about babies, about marriage, about life with a baby, about about's never ending the excitement!

Today I will be celebrating with her...long distance...from Skype...7000 miles away. I am so happy and grateful for Skype...yet wish I was home. I wish I was home to rub her belly. To hug her. To see her daughter's nursery.To watch her open gifts. To watch her do the pregnancy waddle. I want to feel the baby kick as she is in her belly, and I want to hold her once she is born.

It seems so strange, so amazing, so beautiful to think about my little sis is about to become a mother. Being a mother. There is no experience like it. It cannot be explained. It's the best thing any woman can experience.

I can't wait to hold my niece, play with her, and watch her grow into a beautiful woman -like her Mother and her Grandmother! I am so looking forward to visiting this summer. Looking forward to meeting my little niece. For my kids to meet their cousin - and for their cousin to meet her cousins! My daughter is looking forward to a girl cousin (as she has all boy cousins from her Dad's side).

Sis, I am so excited for you and looking forward to being part of your little lady's life. I am sorry that I am so far away during your special time. I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating the soon to be birth of your baby. A great day spent with family. A day to be remembered and enjoyed. Looking forward to Skyping with you at 230pm your time and 1030pm my time!

Take care and miss you.


  1. Beth,

    I wish you could be here to do all the things you mentioned in your blog: rub my belly, give me a hug, hold the new born baby (especially hold the newborn baby), and so much more. Thankfully, we can make some things happen through technology; imagine how much harder the distance between us would be if it weren't for skype, phone, email, facebook, and photography!!! I am so happy it worked to have you skype with us throughout the shower. You were able to see me open gifts, you were able to see the latest progress on the nursery thanks to mom's awesome sewing skills, and you were able to spend quite a bit of time visiting with all of our family. That's a blessing from 7,000 miles away!

    We all love and miss you,

    PS- No one is going to watch me waddle. I'm not planning on waddling. Hah!

  2. I hope seeing us on Skype helped alittle. I enjoyed are chat. It is amazing what electronic gizmos can do to allow people to be together that are so far away. I can only image how isolated people felt. When far away and only pen and paper and a very long wait for the mail to come. Someday it will by beam me up Beth.
    Love Auntie Sharee

  3. Oh Beth... We love you. We miss you. Miss you a lot. Miss you often. (queue tears)

    Love you,

  4. You were at the shower in many ways: the Jordanian candy, and the box of gifts and our skype time was the best. It was like you were sitting on the coffee table in Nona's family a box. You were there, Beth...even won one of the games!

    We love you. Mom

  5. Hello everyone! I did have a great time joining in the party with Skype! Really, it felt as though I was almost sitting on the couch with everyone :-) I really enjoyed talking with my family after gift opening too! Did you know I was on for 2.5 hours and it was free! How much I do love Skype!