Thursday, July 29, 2010

What I Miss and What i Don't

What I Miss About the US
Pre-cleaned fruits and vegetables. It's just that simple.

The ease of life. Really, life is so much easier in the US.

Family. Need I say more?

Friends. Good conversation and sharing laughs with those who know you well.

Shopping. Really, I miss the shopping. Really, even Wal-mart, seriously, I miss it all! Good brands, good quality, for good prices.

Lakes. I love to spend time on the boat, in the water, and on the beach.

Trees. Minnesota is filled with so many beautiful, lush green trees.

Birds. The sounds of the birds singing is immediate relaxation.

Garage Sales. Who doesn't want to buy gently used/new toys for a $1.00!

What I Don't Miss About the US
Mail. It is so stressful to get bills in the mail everyday, and all the waste from the junk mail is ridiculous. (We don't have mail in Jordan!)

Telephone marketers. I wonder how many of those phone calls I answered this month..."Seriously, I thought I told you not to call here anymore!"

The News. The twisted version of the news that tells you everything wrong and nothing good about Islam and the Middle East. "Whatever people".

What I Miss About Jordan
Fresh juice. Really, the fresh juice in Amman is amazing!

Shwarma sandwiches. Still not sick of them. In fact, I pretty much love them.

Mom and Pop corner stores that have everything. They really do have everything packed into those little stores. It makes grocery shopping fast and easy.

Fresh bakeries. Gotta love the fresh breads.

The maids. Wish I could have brought one of the gals with me to help my Mom keep up with the housework while we were here.

EHS. I really do miss my team of co-workers and look forward to working with them again soon.

What I Don't Miss About Jordan
Driving. Need I say more. "Ugh, get out of my way!"

Washing dishes. We really need to get a dishwasher when we return to Jordan....anyone know where I can pick one up for a good price in Amman?

Having to juggle between work and family. Whether it be the housework, my husbands job, or my part-time job, sometime always gets in the way of our time together.

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  1. "What I don't miss about the US The News. The twisted version of the news that tells you everything wrong and nothing good about Islam and the Middle East." This is no different then what Al Jazeera does to the western world to Israel and america, propaganda. Whatever!