Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Jordanian Independence Day

Today, May 25, is the Jordanian Independence Day (you know, like The 4th of July in the States). It is an official holiday and all government offices as well as many other businesses were closed today. Yanal and I enjoyed our day off together, with our kids. We didn't participate in any of the local festivities; however, we could see and hear the excitement around the neighborhoods. The street sellers were all selling Jordanian flags. People were driving around with their windows down, National songs blasting from their speakers, the passenger voices trying to match the original voices, clapping and dancing inside each car as they drove from neighborhood to neighborhood. The larger parks were setting up the stages for performers this evening. One of the largest parks in Amman is just over a mile from our home. This evening we could here the live music and festivites coming from the park. As I put the Aisha to bed, I could hear the fireworks. They were loud and came on strong. The remained strong for around 10 minutes, followed by louder and more deep sounds as the finale progressed. I tried to look out my window to catch a glimpse of the fireworks; however, my view was blocked by the neighboring apartment (should have known better because every view is blocked by the neighboring apartment here in Amman..LOL). Interestedly and curiously I waited for the Athan to call for the last prayer of the day. As the Athan began, the fireworks ended. It is always so interesting and beautiful to be reminded of God five times each day and to be consistently respectful towards the call for prayer, as it was so again this evening.

For more info about the history of Jordan and how it obtained its Independence from Britain in 1946 you can check out these websites:




Happy reading and Happy 64th Birthday Jordan!

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